Russian Federation

Russian Association of Corporate Treasurers (RACT)

IGTA Membership:
Full Member
Date of association formation:
October 2012
Date association joined IGTA:
September 2013

IGTA Representative

Vladimir Kozinets


+7 916 501 61 73


Russia, Moscow, Khoroshevskoe Shosse 16, building 1, apt. 12

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Association General Enquiries
+7 916 501-61-73

Russia, Moscow, Khoroshevskoe Shosse 16, building 1, apt. 12

Association Technical Enquiries
see below

For inquiries from Europe and from the USA

Aleksandra Samodova
T: +49 0172 5478493
Germany, 04103, Leipzig, Dresdner Str. 5

For inquiries from Russia and CIS

Alexander Chadin
T: +7 915 199 00 77
Russia, 105064, Mosocw, Zemlyanoy Val, 23, building 1, apt. 29

Association Membership:

207 members: 180 individual (from 138 companies) + 27 corporate members (from 10 companies)

Membership Criteria:

To become a member of the RACT a person should be involved in at least one of
the following activities:

  • Treasury function
  • Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Risk management
  • Corporate Finance
Education and Training:

RACT provides an educational course Corporate Treasurer – this is the first complex educational and
training program on the Russian market, which considers all peculiarities and features of the Treasury
Function in the Russian Federation, let all concerned obtain necessary knowledge and practical skills in
every field of Treasury.

The course enhances professional competencies of treasurers, gives access to the “best practices” and to
the up-to-date international and local experience.

The course “Corporate Treasurer“ is divided into separate modules and each module contains theoretical
aspects as well as practical cases in different areas of Treasury.

Other Activities:

Treasurer of the Year annual ceremony

Providing corporates with access to the System of the Financial Messages Transmission of the Central
Bank of the Russian Federation .

Providing comments on the Russian Standards of the Syndicated Financing

Open Money Market of the Borrowings. Standardization of the KYC-processes

Open Money Market of the Borrowings. Standardization of the agreements used on the money markets
(deposits, revolving credit facilities, etc.)

Open Money Market of the Borrowings. Elaboration of the recommendations to the development of the
corporate credit risk management.

Corporate Treasurer educational course

Development of professional standards and certification system.


President – Vladimir Kozinets

Association Journal and/or Publications:

Treasury Inside magazine.

Annual Conference: